Faith and Hope

Faith and Hope | The Water Lily

The meditation below was written by a friend.  Read it, memorize it, record it for yourself if you like, and practice it whenever you need more balance and answers.  For like the ever-patient and persevering water lily, with time and practice you, too, can arise from the dark, fertile ground of your PMDD and blossom into your full potential.  It all begins with awareness...

The Water Lily
(a meditation)

lilySit comfortably and quietly.  Let your body rest easily.  Breathe gently and just be present and listen.  Let your breath move freely through your body, with each breath bringing calmness and ease as you release any tensions and frustrations of the day.

Breathe in and out for several minutes, being aware that there’s no other place you have to go, nothing you have to do, and no problems you have to solve.  Focus on your breath and relax and to let go. Start at the top of your head and move toward your feet.  Feel the different parts of your body as each relaxes in its own way.  Give yourself permission to go within for awhile, to go deeply within and simply receive...

 As you rest in this state, imagine or sense a beautiful golden sun overhead.  Allow its energy and warmth to gently embrace and fill you.  For this is the light of the Divine, transforming and healing with each breath that you take. Feel this warm, healing light permeate every cell and fiber, bringing your body into perfect balance and harmony.

Now, become aware of the surface beneath you and how it continues down, all the way down, deeper and deeper into the ground.  Feel yourself firmly rooted and supported, like the lotus flower whose roots grow in the mud and darkness.  Nurtured and fertile, dark and hidden, the water lilyʼs roots draw nourishment from the earth—and in the darkness, life is formed.

Feel the energy being drawn upward as the lily reaches for the pure, unfiltered light at the surface.  Allow the feminine energy of wisdom to move this energy upward through the stem of your own body, where it now finds rest in your heart, a place of beauty.  Here in the presence of the energy from this holy ground below and the Divine light of above this humble plant is transformed and a magnificent lotus flower blooms.

In your heart, allow a precious lotus bud to unfold, forming a beautiful flower, each petal revealing whatever qualities you wish to bring out in yourself.  Is it love, joy, or compassion?  Faith, fortitude, or courage?  Grace, strength, or wisdom?  Fear not, for all of these qualities already exist inside of you, and only need the light to shine forth...

Know that you are complete and whole, just as you are, and rest in the silence of this golden Divine light, also knowing you are loved and held in love. 

Remember to live in the present moment, understanding that you have nothing missing.  You are beautiful, extraordinary, and complete, just as you are—made in the image and light of God. 

When you need to know what path to follow, return to the quiet and listen, and you will be shown the way. 

Now slowly and gently return your awareness to the present, bringing with you a warm sense of peace and love, for God lights your way and illumines the path before you.

S. Kestler